can't find "add vca to selected channels"

page 370 of the manual describes how to “add vca to selected channels”. you are supposed to right click on multiple channels in the mix console. only problem… “add vca to selected channels” is not one of the available options. i’ve attached the page from the manual and what i’m actually seeing when i right click on multiple channels in the mix console. am i missing something?
Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 5.40.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 5.42.50 PM.png

You’re not missing anything. It’s not there at this point. Open the VCA section in the rack and use the modifier key to route all selected tracks to the VCA.

thanks! seems like a pretty big oversight!

i did find the other method you describe. but “add vca to selected channels” would be a lot easier.

Yep, I have unexpected VCA oddness too:

p.369 of the operation manual says ‘1) Peak meter that displays the summed up level of the meters of all connected channels’ - but there is no metering on the VCAs even though they have been assigned correctly and control the child faders.

p.370 says ‘3. In the context menu, select Add VCA Fader to Selected Channels’ - but there is no option for this, only ‘add VCA fader’.

tried trashing the prefs & re-building, no go (Mac Yosemite). The above two features work as described on Cubase Pro 8.

As far as I can see, the manual hasn’t been updated correctly to reflect the working of VCA faders in Nuendo.
As you have noticed, or will, they are now “detached” of the grouping functionality.
At the last moment, there was a serious problem with these VCA’s, and development crashed into the deadline-wall.
So I suspect that the Manual was also put “on hold”.


Hi Fredo, can you elaborate on this please. I haven’t downloaded my upgrade yet but are you saying VCA’s aren’t implemented properly yet? Thanks

Depends how you look at it. One specific function doens’t work properly, but a maintenance release which will fix the problem is coming pretty fast. Can also be that no-one notices. :slight_smile:


Hi fredo…I’m not understanding what you are saying. Is “add vca to selected channels” supposed to be an option (and will later be added in a maintenance release)?

According to the last info I have, it should be added later.
As said, there were some issues in that field …



we have noticed that the description of the VCA fader functionatiliy as currently shown in the manual
is not correct. Please excuse this error. The documentation will be changed with the first maintenance
release, probably in about 5-6 weeks.


thanks :slight_smile:

Could you please have someone at Steinberg chime in on what is supposed to be included and what is not planned. Currently there seems to be quite a few things up in the air. I don’t have metering on the VCAs now, no solo, no mute etc…