Cant find ADM Authoring for Dolby Atmos in Cubase 12

I cannot find the ADM Authoring for Dolby Atmos, in Cubase 12 Project tab. Also I cannot insert the Renderer for Dolby Atmos in the output bus.

I see that it was announced that there would be Dolby Atmos Authoring. I can also see that the manuals have the steps to setup just like in Nuendo 11. But the “New Features” in the website says [coming soon]

Am I missing anything regarding Dolby Atmos in Cubase 12? Can you please guide me how to access the ADM Authoring window?

Not really sure what you are looking for in regards to the term “ADM Authoring” but I may shed some light on your search for Dolby Atmos. It is “comming soon”. This may mean in the near future, or somewhere in the more far away future or never (as we have seen it with the new MIDI feature promised for Cubase 11 and something announced for Cubase 8 with video which also never made it). So stay tuned but be prepared for a letdown (imho).

I’m super looking forward to mixing in Dolby Atmos!I will be a little crushed if we don’t get it. Thats what motivated me to upgrade. I know its possible since Nuendo already has it. I’m not sure if its a huge programing leap between the two platforms.

It is available now in the 12. 1 update!!

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Yep. I’ve been working with it since the update came out. We are already at update 2. I think they made too much difference between Cubase and Nuendo when it comes to the Atmos mixing. Having multiple beds and importing ADM files should be standard. It’s should be as close as possible to the Dolby Production or Dolby Mastering Suite. We need to compete with the big dogs. We need some Native object based dynamic control, basic reverb, basic delay VST action going as well. There is third party software our there but the CPU load is high. Great fun so far. I have my first Dolby Atmos release hitting steaming platforms in ~two weeks. I got waves NX to help with binaural monitoring in full immersion. So much fun!