Can't find Brainworx Bundle Plugins in Cubase 5 VST List

I have recently acquired the Brainworx bx bundle. I have set the paths to the corresponding folders, restarted Cubase 5, updated the plugin list and information, restarted my computer, and I still can’t see it in my VST Instrument list. I have read that some plugins get blacklisted but I’m unsure of where to find that list and fix that. The paths that I have set allowed me to find EZdrummer without issue so I am led to believe that this is a blacklist issue.

Here’s what I’m using:

Windows 7 x64
Cubase 5

Any help would be appreciated!

After nearly 2 years of being fine, many of my 3rd party VSTi’s had disapeared from my VSTi instruments list recently. Directing many of them seemed to make them show up in my list, but when I closed & reopened Cubase they weren’t getting saved no matter what I tried. I finally just do what I’ve done before…that is just find the .dll & manually placed them in a folder that ‘would’ work AND 'remember…this bs problem solved!