Can't Find Cubase Icon After Installing Cubase 7 on Yosemite


About a year ago I purchased cubase 7. I bought new MacBook pro that is running Yosemite.

I’m using an external USB CD reader.

I downloaded the Steinberg_Application_Installer_Tool_For_Yosemite.dmg file for the installation in Yosemite.

I went through all the process many times, every time it says that the installation was successful

BUT I can’t find the icon of cubase nowhere in my MacBook!

I was trying to download the DVD 1 and 2 from your website, but I encountered download errors (network errors)
again and again. (My computer didn’t go to sleep during the download process)

How Can I fix it? I really need the cubase!



Hi and welcome,

the Cubase icon should be in the Application folder. I remember this issue, but I thought, it was on Windows only. it was issue of the very first installer Cubase 7.0.0.

Could you download the complete ISO image of Cubase 7.0.5, and install it from this downloaded installer, please? You can find the ISO image here.


have you already found a solution to this problem.
(I use Yosemite and can’t find Cubase 7.)