Can't find "Download Access Code"

Years ago, the USB dongle from Philharmonik seemed to “steal” the elicense from my Cubase VST5.1 LPT dongle,
while I was still struggling to learn to use it. I’ve never been able to use either, and some others software, since.

Now I just succeeded to install the Cubase on a Win7 computer, but I read I need to “activate” the USB dongle,
if I can find the license still in my LPT hardware key, tomorrow if I can find a computer with a printer port.

I cannot communicate with Steinberg, since I have no “Download Access Code”. It is a dead end.
I think they did not have this code in those old days. I cannot find this code.

Any help reading this please respond.

I can afford couple hours a week trying to do some music. Most of my time were wasted in trying to “setup”
many expensive software that I cannot make them run. Have sympathy with me.