Can't Find external Mic


I have recently started using cubase version 5.1, but i’m having an issue with it. I was planning on connecting my guitar to Cubase using an adapter and plugging it into the 3.5mm external mic port on my laptop, but cubase doesn’t appear to recognise that i have an external mic port as the only device port it tells me i have is an internal mic, which doesn’t help at all.

Windows still recognises my external mic slot and so does audacity, so i don’t know why cubase doesn’t?

Anyone know how to sort this?


Look in your VST inputs (or VST connections as the case may be) and select the proper inputs and outputs. Also, make sure you have your sound card selected in Cubase as the ASIO device. If you’re using your laptops internal sound card, you’re likely going to get crap latency & your tracks will end up being more misaligned as record more tracks. Better off buying some inexpensive external audio interface (sound card) with ASIO capability…any card with ASIO designed for audio recording will do.