Can't find in Gould

Can someone advise me on the proper place on the full score for the piano in a piano concerto?

Solo instrument(s) are placed above the string section of the orchestra.


Behind Bars, Gould, p.509.

Ah! Thank you.

You’re welcome! What I wish Dorico would do is automatically place them where they belong when you add them to a score. :slight_smile:

Dorico would need to know you’re writing a concerto and that the instrument you’re adding is intended to be ‘the’ soloist. Seems a tall order to me.

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I suppose I should have been clearer, but even in the ambiguity, it’s a reasonable wish. I meant that when you add any player, it should be added where it belongs instead of having to move the instrument from the bottom of the stack to the appropriate place. Kind of like spell checking. Dorico could be programmed to ask whether one wants to place the player into a similar group or not.


Well, the Dorico developers do read the forum—I have seen, from time to time, changes enacted based on what we write right here! So… who knows?

And yeah, that would be great. Spell-check my instruments, Dorico!

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If you take a look at Dorico for iPad, you will see that in fact we have been working on both automatic ordering of instruments in the score, and the ability to designate a particular player as a soloist, which will then put them at the appropriate spot in the score order, update their name, ensure they are numbered independently, and bracketed appropriately. This will all be included in the next major release of Dorico for macOS and Windows when it arrives.


:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: That was funny.

I’m a retarded genius. :wink: