cant find insert fx!

Just started using Groove Agent a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got two different beat agents loaded and on the first one I’m hearing a reverb coming from somewhere but I can’t seem to find any insert fx anywhere. When I select the "Switch off all insert fx’ button, the reveb goes away so I know it has to be an insert somewhere, correct? I’ve looked at all the possible buses…16 in agent, 4 in aux, the 2 Kit busses, and the master buss but none have fx on them. Where else could this be coming from?

Can anyone tell me where I might look for hidden fx inserts? Bueller? …Bueller?

  • go to -> Mixer -> AUX -tab.
  • then select the different agents and you might find the hidden reverb.

Each kit slot has its own AUX mixer.

Thanks again Cubender, but I only have 4 aux tabs and none of them have any fx in the their 4 slots.

mmh…which GrooveAgent preset did you load?

all I’m using is Beat Agent at this point.

I wanted to know which preset you have loaded so I can load it here and check for hidden fx