Can't find instruments in Cubase

I am 70 year old Cubase rank novice and I would be very grateful if someone could help get me started. I’ve watched several YouTube videos and although they are very helpful they seem to have added to my problems! I have created a project and imported a MIDI file to use as a backing track to accompany my singing and guitar playing. My first problem is that when I play the file there is no sound. I think that might be because I haven’t assigned instruments to the tracks? That’s my second problem. My Cubase seems to have no instruments. I assumed it would come with at least a basic set of instruments/samples etc. Now at this point I might even sound like I know what any of that means but I don’t. Also, is there an online user manual that I can access to help with my other basic issues. I am quite IT literate especially in Excel in which I am an expert so I can learn from manuals. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Gary

Yes. You can find all manuals in the Steinberg page. They are in several languages, English included of course.

To access the instruments you must click on one of the top right icons to make the right side zone visible, and then click media - and you will see there several Instruments. You can drag the instrument to the project.

I am new too, but I hope this info serves you. Good luck

Hi, many thanks. I found the online manuals. I also found the instruments but I haven’t been able to drag the drums to my drum track. I’ll keep experimenting but if you have any other tips I would be very grateful. Cheers, Gary

I think you are trying to drag the drums to a midi track? You should use an instrument track, hope it helps:)

Check out these Groove3 videos about Cubase.

You can get a monthly all you can eat (er view) pass for $15, which is great for a couple month training blitz.

Also don’t ignore videos etc. about older versions of Cubase. 99.9% of what is in them will still be true in C10 - especially for what a beginner will encounter.

DAWs are complex tools and just like a musical instrument can take awhile to get a handle on the basics much less master.

Good luck.

Hi Raino, thanks for the tips. Yes, DAWs are very complex and at my age much more difficult to learn than an instrument.

You can also follow the steinberg YouTube Channel. Particularly the tutorials. Those from Jeff Gibbons are very clear to me.

Take this as an entertainment. Dont try to learn things the first day or even the first year.

Good luck

Hi there!

I’ve found this short video where you can see exactly how to do it.

After the instrument track is added, you can drag the midi parts into that track, and you should have sound!

Good luck!

Many thanks. Somehow I managed to get it to play! My problem is now that I’m not sure what I did???


Thanks Nacho. That is very sage advice. I didn’t learn to play guitar over night. I think learning Cubase is a marathon not a sprint. I am absolutely delighted at how helpful you and others have been to an absolute rookie user. Best wishes, Gary

:grinning:. Oh, well. Im in similar circunstances than you. The goal is far away from me, but im enjoying the trip