Cant find new drum packs


I have installed the “Nashville” drum set and have updated to the latest version of groove agent.

I can’t find the pack or presets anywhere , I’ve looked in the media bay , re-scanned and opened everything i can think of at least 3 or 4 times. I had the same problem with the “songwriters kit” but just gave up after a couple of days of trying and looking for solutions.

could somebody please advise me what to do to open and find this pack


Make sure that you have the latest version of both Groove Agent 4/SE and the eLicenser Control Center.

If that doesn’t help, you should try completely uninstalling then reinstalling Groove Agent 4/SE and the latest update.

thanks for your reply

I have all the latest updates for Groove Agent 4/SE and the eLicenser Control Centre

I have cleared prefs, restarted, still no sign of “Nashville Drums”

Did you try uninstalling then reinstalling both Groove Agent 4 and GA4 SE (if you have both)? That’s what fixed it for me when my purchased kits weren’t showing up.

Be sure to tick “for all users” while installing Nashville.




Still no luck fining this software,

clean install of groove agent se - all current updates including cubase as well, also did a new install of nashville.

Now i get the message -

some content could not be loaded. either licenses are missing or trial licenses have expired
Nashville Presets
Groove Agent factory beat agent presets
Groove Agent factory set presets

Im on a Mac Btw


any ideas are welcome, thanks

You put in the proper serial and downloaded the license?

reinstall and click for all user when it asks… usually at bottom left during install. are you searching through the tree on groove agent?