Cant find pitch correction in Element 12

Are there any pitch correction in Element 12? i been looking online youtube but nothing on Element`s
would be gret to know if i need to go buy Melodyne plugin or not

Cubase Elements has a very basic plugin called Pitch Correct.

okej, but where do i find it? , im so new to this

oh i found it, but it`s a vst plugin, i dont need that ,i got Antares auto tunes and waves Tune real alredy
so i gues i only have 2 more choices , and that is to upgrade to Cubase Artist or buy Celemony Melodyne 5 Essential, the Celemony will be cheaper then upgrading to Cubase Artist, so i guess it will be Melodyne

Thanx for the help

The upgrade to Artist is a better option.

Cubase Elements doesn’t support ARA, so Melodyne will behave like a regular plugin.