Can't find print command for score edit?

I can’t find the ole PRINT or Page Setup command in Cubase
in my Mac using OSX Mountain Lion. This is a new setup for me (formerly on Snow Leopard).
Never recalled not finding the Print command on the edit window while in the Score Edit window.

For the past couple years, I’ve used Sibelius, but now have to do some stuff in Cubase
and am baffled that I can’t seem to find this.

I can export a bitmap, jpeg, etc. in the export section.
Did they take away the simple print ? Wow, I would be utterly surprised if that’s the case.

Please help, I’m an old very capable user (since the Atari version thru now) but haven’t used the scoring editor for some time. So no need to assume I’m a newbie. Thanks.

el profe


You have to open the Score editor first. Then you can find File > Print or File > Page Setup.

not finding the Print command on the edit window while in the Score Edit window.

I did find that in C6.5 I had to exit the 64 bit mode and change it to boot as a 32 bit mode to get the score edit page’s PRINT option in the File menu as well as the page setup. However, it wouldn’t adjust the margins correctly (the track names are spilling over to outside the page margins). I had to manually or use ‘option’ (To get all of them) drag to get the first bar of each line over to the right far enough to get the track names out of the off page gutter.

Why doesn’t Cubase do this in the auto layout or optimize or options somewhere in some preference menu like Microsoft Word does. Then once you set that default you don’t have to ever do that again. Did I miss something?

And why doesn’t the 64 bit mode have the print option and page setup anyway? I am in Mountain Lion, is that the issue.
Is the C6.5 build not made for 64 bit run in Mountain Lion with no problems or short falls?

Do I need to buy the overhauled C7 to get that capability? (I prefer not to upgrade now to a new user interface and have to slow down to re-learn where everything I used to know pretty well all over again in the middle of a big job.) It’s not a money thing as much as a ‘learning curve’ slowdown.

el profe