Can't find Raw Power kits in Groove Agent 5

Hi All - Happy New Year to all Groove Agent users!

I’ve just realized that I can’t find any of the Raw Power kits from Groove Agent 5.

Attached is a screenshot of my VST Sounds folder. Any ideas about why this is missing and how I can get it loaded please?

Many thanks

Maybe check the following things?

  1. Your screen capture appears like the window isn’t scrolled all the way down. In theory, Raw Power should appear after Laser Beams, since it’s filename is FCP_SMT_782_GA_Raw_Power_Instruments.vstsound – If it’s not there:"

  2. Maybe check the Steinberg Library Manager?
    – If it’s listed there, the Details button should show which folder it’s in…
    – If it’s not listed in there:

  3. Run the Installer for Groove Agent 5 Content again, because it should probably be in there.
    – If you don’t have that anymore or if it’s still missing after that:

  4. Open the Steinberg Download Assistant and download and install Content Groove Agent 5

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Thanks for taking the trouble to write the full reply, Nico. After a cheeky little 31 GB download I’m all sorted. Thank you!

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