Can't find Reverence IR library.

I recently installed windows 10 on a new hard drive and I opened a session from before that had the reverence plug-in in it and it says that the preset file is missing. I checked a few folders based on my Google searches for where the library is supposed to be but I have not been successful in finding it. I still have my windows seven hard drive installed and I tried searching on that drive but I still could not find it though I know for a fact that it is on the Windows 7 drive because if I boot up from that drive the file is not missing when this particular session is opened. Any suggestions? Thanks


Did you install Cubase from the Full installer to Win 10?

I literally just downloaded that 10 gig file again and installed the the content. half hour to download, about a minute to install and all is good again. Thanks!

Just so you know, you can search your computer for *.vstsound and all those files contain your factory content. You can place them on any hard drive and all you need to do is make sure that location is checked in MediaBay and then rescan.

tip also can delete doubles if they appear.

Good to know! Thanks