Can't find setting for "default to Musical mode" ?

I searched the forum and couldn’t find anything on this.
I saw a tips for cubase youtube vid where he says open the pool select all and choose “check” musical mode.
also select elastic pro time for timestrectch mode. Works like a charm but…

I can’t see a setting in preferences for Musical mode as default for all audio tracks ?

Is it there or is this ot an option ?

Editing/Default track time type dropdown.

Oops yes I see it there.
I do have musical mode assigned already , but when I opened up the pool I did not have a “x” in the boxes for
all of my audio files . So should a assume that since it was set for Musical mode in preferences then all my audio tracks are already in musical mode ?

Is the little ‘note’ button ‘lit up’ in the track panel? That designates ‘musical’ mode.


Learn the difference between “musical mode” and “musical timebase”

No, it designates musical timebase.

Oops, my bad.