Can't find Steinberg Preferences Folder. HELP!

I have recently run into some technical issues with Sequel 3.0.1. I’ve been told by support to generate a new preference folder and it should fix the problem. I’m supposed to find the file:

OS Disk\User\Your Username\Appdata\Steinberg\Sequel 3

And rename it to:

OS Disk\User\Your Username\Appdata\Steinberg\Sequel 3 inactive

Sounds fair enough, but I cannot locate this file on my computer to save my life! I have already shown hidden files and folders. Anyone know how to get to it? I am using a PC with Windows 7. PLEASE HELP!

Is the AppData folder visible?

I don’t have Sequel, but for Cubase it is …

Users"Your Username"\AppData*Roaming*\Steinberg"Your Steinberg Software Version"

Yes once you have chosen to show hidden folders it will be visible (but more grayed out) under your User folder where your documents, downloads, etc are.

Thanks guys. So here’s the path I took:

  1. Opened User folder

  2. Opened Appdata

  3. Opened Roaming

  4. Opened Steinberg

  5. Opened Sequel 3

I seem to be on the right path but when I do this the actual text:

User"My Username"\Appdata\Roaming\Steinberg\Sequel 3" only appears in the toolbar area. I’ve tried highlighting it and clicking “Organize” but when I do this “Rename” is completely greyed out. Any thoughts? I’m sooo close here! :smiley:

The whole “Sequel 3” folder is your “preferences” folder.

Either move the whole “Sequel 3” folder to a different location or, as support suggested, rename it. Either way, Sequel should generate a new “clean” folder upon the next launch.

Lol, I delete it. :wink: