can't find the PRO plugin

installed the plugin but alas, nuendo does not find the PRO plugin only SE. What could be the reason?

what version of nuendo - does it have the ‘cloud’ menu item ?

10.2.20 bild 386 mac os catalina
yes in menu only SE

odd - did you try a reinstall ?

Yes and more than once
here is a photo

I don’t see this plugin at all as if the installer did not install

did you try a rescan of the plugins

not in front of nuendo at the moment but shouldn’t there also be a vst transit option in that menu too, at least on cubase there is . I’ll check nuendo later.

Do you have the Vst Connect Pro license?

Rescan did not help and yes I have a license
VST transit I have a license and also can not see it! but he thought only on Cubase pro

just to confirm - Nuendo doesn’t have the Transit menu item, but it shows VST connect for me ?

I also see VST connect PRO in the plugin manager

yes I agree! but alas, as I do not try the menu, the plug-in itself does not appear for me. older version not help!!!
i have only this

the plugin is there ? VST Connect.vst3 ?

are you sure you have the PRO licence on your dongle - it’s not free and doesn’t come with Cubase or Nuendo - can you send a pic of your elicencer info ?

here is the key
here the installation process

You have to start the usage period.

you are the best! I didn’t think that I would need to activate it myself. I thought it itself activates when turned on! ust work