Can't Find Vari Audio On My Cubase 12 Pro

Probably not looking in the right place. But I’ve been away from Cubase for a long time and when Vari Audio was introduced, I have no idea. But I recently got the Pro version and found myself wondering how to utilize it in my work flow. Any ideas where i could find it because i made some searches on google and they all say the same thing but can’t find it.

Double clicking i get a normal audio editor and the manual is no help on how to access it.

Would appreciate the guidance guys!



This is the Track Inspector. Double-click the Audio Event to open the Sample Editor, then you can see it.

Yes but I double clicked the Audio editor and got a normal Audio editor. No smoke involved… :laughing:


Hi musinix7,
In the project window click on the audio waveform you want to edit.
Then make sure you can see the Left Zone. If you can’t, at the top right of your screen you should see two rectangular boxes, on with a line on the left side and one on the right. Make sure the left one is highlighted and then you will see the Left Zone.
There you will see various tabs including Variaudio. Click on it and then click on ‘Edit Variaudio’ and then you should see the blocks for you to move around if necessary and in the Left Zone you will see lots of ways to edit the sound.

Hope this helps?

Kind regards

James Colah


Okay great found it! Didn’t realize the audio editor had a dedicated Left Zone also. Thanks a lot for the detailed guide @jamescolah :pray:t2:

Thanks for the relpy @Martin.Jirsak :pray:t2:

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you really should turn off that auto correction feature. Quite a few of your recent posts contain weird words, which could leave newcomers confused.

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Fixed. Thank you and sorry.

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No problem - glad I could help! :+1:

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Hello, I’m also unable to see variaudio in cubase 12 pro even if my left window is highlighted…

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Make sure, you open an Audio Event, not an Audio Part. If this is the case, right-click to the Inspector and enable the VariAudio option, please.