Can't find VST3PluginTestHost for Intel Mac

I compiled the SDK for VST3, but can’t find the
Where is one supposed to get it from?
The SDK does not seem to have it, I found a post saying it’s closed source and it links to a page I don’t have access to, meanwhile KVR sends me to this forum.

You have to download the SDK from here to get the closed source test host.

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Thank you it worked!

I just downloaded the mac SDK, with the version 3.5.0 build 17 version.
Serveral things do not work (like an audiofile seems to only play on the left channel?) or trigger crashes, but not sure if there is any point in giving feedback if this version is old. Or is it of value?

Is there a new version available for mac?

(it would be nice if it was open source so that I could fix such small issues myself)

If you go to 3rd-Party Developers Support & SDKs | Steinberg and click the link named " VST 3 Audio Plug-Ins SDK" you should get the latest SDK release which is version 3.7.8.

I am sorry, I was unclear in my writing. The version of the VST3PluginTestHost is 3.5.0, but it is from the