Can't force chorus translation to show upright/translation font is not respected

EDIT: fixed. Problem was not noticing the existence of the correct menu item.

Don’t mind the clutter in the screenshot: it’s only meant to be worked on in galley view. Focus on the /heɪ/, which is input as translation of the Hey!.

I think I’m finally getting a reasonable workflow for inputting phonetic translations for lyrics, but chorus lines screw this up, as I absolutely need to be able to type that transcription upright. Even if I specifically tell it to write translations upright (as shown), this is not obeyed. I have a hunch why, since lyrics-translation might be a different object than chorus-translation, but there is no option to modify chorus translations in the Engrave font style list. (Request?)

I’ll add that writing the IPA transcriptions for regular lyrics seems to work just fine, to my delight.

(Please do not suggest not using chorus-mode as a solution. That is the final thing I’m willing to do, if all else fails; I want stuff semantically correct and to not abuse the system.)

There is a Chorus Lyrics Translation Font, and it’s the relevant one. What’s it set to?

Leo beat me to it as usual:

If you are using chorus lyrics, you need to adjust the chorus lyrics translation font.

Lyrics translation font only affects regular lyrics, not chorus lyrics, which have different baseline behavior and are italic by default, hence their translation layer (which is derivative) is also italic by default.

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Issue solved. This was a matter of simply not believing the category for chorus lyrics translations would be anywhere else than among the other lines which start with the word Lyrics, and hence Chorus, starting C, was alphabetically elsewhere.

Everything else you guys mentioned about what needs to be done or how chorus behaves I’m aware of. Ty. :slight_smile:

(Now I can finally make a no-excuses documentation for the singers to pronounce things all in the same way!)

Now just to figure the last hurdle of inputting lots of lyric translations without having type them out individually… pasting to lyrics seems to be impossible. :frowning: One can open the lyrics line editor but only for syllables that already exist and not just paste a whole line of lyrics in there. A workaround is to just fill the translation with complete bogus or just single letters, and then one can replace them all in the line editor.

If the lyrics already exist with the rhythmic durations etc that you want elsewhere in the project, select them (e.g. by using a filter), copy, and paste. This retains the rhythmic positions of the lyrics (i.e. is really useful for when voice parts are in rhythmic unison).

If the lyrics exist outside the project (e.g. in a text editor) or in the project but you need them to have different rhythmic positions/durations in the new location, you can copy/paste them in syllable by syllable but this can be pretty fast, and is particularly useful for when different parts have the same lyrics but with different rhythms.

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This tripped me up in the beginning too.

I wish they were together à la:

Lyrics - chorus
Lyrics - chorus translation
Lyrics - normal
Lyrics - normal translation

(Substitute whatever your preferred term for “normal” is.)


Amen to that.

Me too – it makes more sense when searching. I didn’t know this either. I’d like to see the same with Tempo - Immediate and Tempo - Gradual. As that list grows longer, it will be more difficult to scan through to find what one is looking for (indeed, if one even knows just WHAT they are looking for).

I have asked for this in the past – also the SMuFL ranges are a bit chaotic with “Standard Accidentals” and “Common Ornaments” being under S and C respectively.