Can't format the score the way it's needed...

Hello Dorico friends!
Here’s the problem.
I’m copying a romance by G. Sviridov and I need it to look as it does originally. But I stumbled upon a thing I just can’t get over.
It’s the original page I need to copy (all pics are clickable):

Here’s how it looks when I have engraved it in Dorico

Selected system I need to make into one frame. So I go to the ‘Engrave Mode’ and click ‘Make into Frame’ button.
But upper system for some reason devides into 2+1 measures systems and I get such a mess:

I think “OK, let’s force those measures back into one system”, select them and click ‘Make into System’… and lose frame format… :open_mouth:

Is it an issue or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks people for the help in advance.

Best wishes,

What “Make into system” actually does is apply a system break at the start of the selection, another system break at the end of the selection, and (most importantly in this situation) it sets the first system break to “Wait for next system break” (i.e. keep those bars together on one system). This setting is in the panel at the bottom of the screen in Engrave mode.

Your “Make into frame” is likely overwriting the “Make Into System” setting you had for the top system of the page, and unticking the “Wait for next system break” option. Do the steps that take you to your third picture, then select the Frame Break at the top of the page (by clicking on the purple signpost) and tick the “Wait for next system break” box in the bottom panel. Then you should be fine.

Thank you very much!
Selecting FRAME BREACK signpost at the top of the page and activating ‘Wait for the next frame break’ toggle in the bottom panel did the trick!