Can't fully access a networked drive

Parked a network drive in my router. I want to use it for back up purposes including Porject folders. I have managed to set this up, but for some reason when I access this drive from a PC on the network, I can only access the folders and files but cant actually get the whole drive showing as a mapped drive. What happens is I go to my computer/map network drive, the hard drive shows, but when I click on the root, rather than any folder, the mapping button is disabled.
I am pretty rubbish at networking, so maybe I misunderstand something. SWhat I want to do is to remotely (from the network) be able to create root folders and have full editing controls. Presently, I only get allowed to create folders within already established folders…

Anyone? Please.


Solved this after a couple of days. I had to put all the hard drive’s files in a single folder, which I named the same as the root. Its a fix, not a cure. For some reason accessing the root of network drives just does not happen.


Typically, the root of router and NAS drives is not available for sharing, as a limitation of the sharing device, not the clients. This is unlike when you share Windows drives.

Patanjali you make some very decent posts.

I am getting the hang of it all now, I swapped to your file synching app, feels better, safer. SynchToy feels old, basic.


Thank you. I try, but some find me very trying!

SyncToy was the first of many that I found actually failed to mirror properly, which prompted me to launch into a testing spree until I found SyncBack.