can't get a sound out of Jamstix/fixed

Please…does anybody know how the heck you get Jamstix to play…everything loaded properly but drums make no sound…any other vst I load just plays but Jamstix doesn’t…this software is at once a brilliant VSTi and the most annoying VSTi you could wish for…just can’t realise it’s obvious potential because it’s so difficult to work with…for me anyways…Kevin

am in touch with Jamstix support after a day or 2 of probs …they are very good and helpful but I’m desperate to get it sorted and wondering if anyone has any ideas…

so problem solved by the excellent support from Razoon…my thanks to them…Kevin

Can you tell if the samples have loaded?

Well I load it up via the install pak button and it does it’s stuff ok…the wierd thing is everything seems to good but I get no sound…I’m prepared to think I’m doing something stupid because I am well capable of that but looked at everyhting and just can not see what it could be…this happened after an update of Jamstix but can’t get back to how it was …even tried restoring the comp back to before the update and still nothing…Kevin

I would think it’s something simple or the update corrupted it. Do you have another host application you could try it in?

No, have not got another host…busy going through fixes and stuff with Ralph at Rayzoon…some crazy stuff goin on…Kevin

Have you been on the song page to get a player playing?

On the left pain there is a “Wizard” button … push that. On the right panel that comes up choose one of the “Jam Session” presets. That will load a kit with all the trimmings. Click the wizard again. And click the “Create Song” button on right panel. Click play in Cubase.

Hi JMcecil…I’m not a newbee to Jamstix but thanks for looking in…have finally got sounds out of it but now it freezez itself and Cubase…Ralph at Rayzoon has been a great help with this and is working on it as we speak…there’s something a bit wierd goin on that we’ve got to get to the bottom of…cheers, Kevin

Ah, hope you get it sorted out. Just as a baseline, I’m using it in 7.5 and I’m having weird issues as well. It plays, but only responds to MIDI off messages. And, I had my first C7.5 crash while messing with creating a jamstix track preset. If you could report back, that would be great.

Yeah no problem I’ll let you know how it gets fixed…if it does!!!