Cant get activation code

Hello all, one week ago i have purchase the audient id4 mkii i have make a sign up to their site “ARC” to claim the cubase LE 12 and retrologue 2 i followed the instructions i insert the download access code and i dowloaded the sofwares and i did in steinberg site a sign up i enter the soft eLicenser and everything was ok, but i didnt get any activation code and last in SAM says no licenses found… please help

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase 12 and 13 are not using eLicenser anymore.

Thank you for your respond.
So… how do i will activate the softwares?


Follow this article, please.

hey Martin, i have tried all these in the article step by step, it says The Activation via Activation Code will be automatically performed when you redeem a Download Access Code in the Steinberg Download Assistant. but nothing… i have tried everything.


Could you attach a screenshot of the Steinberg Activation Manager application, please?

hey, yes sure


I’m sorry, I don’t see any Download Access Code used in your MySteinberg account.

hmm i think accidently i sign up with 2 different emails i own, my personal email and the other email i use for the most sites, and i think i used the Download Access Code with my personal email, cause i tried with the current email to enter again the Download Access Code right now and it gave me error… i tried to login with my personal email but i got locked temporarily and it says to try again in 1 hour…can i give you my personal email to see if its there?


Send it via Private Message, to don’t share it publicly, please. :wink:


Solved, the other email address has been used.

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