Can't get Audio driver to load or support

I’ve recently purchased Focusrite Studio with Cubase 7 LE. After going through 2 hours of downloading the software, the registration key software, reboots, registering the product, etc., the next step is trying to address the audio aspect. Since there is no CD that comes with the product you have to try and find the correct “fix” online. Steinberg will direct you to, however, my Toshiba Windows 7 computer cannot load any of these drivers. The error report reads, “Error opening file for writing.”

Since I know I’m not the only person with this issue, I have tried to contact Steinberg for support. I received an email which states, “Cubase LE OEM software normally does not qualify for phone support and though we do not support 3rd party hardware with OEM software beyond registration and activation please try the following,” which directs me back to the website, which contains the drivers that cannot be installed due to the error. (I’m not making this up! This is the actual response I received. :open_mouth: )

Since Steinberg won’t support their product, I’m looking for anyone out there who knows how to address this common issue. I’d like to actually use this system as it was intended rather than as a $250 paper weight. Regrettably, if I can’t get this addressed I’ll most likely toss this on eBay or Craigslist.

Thanks in advance.

You didn’t buy a Steinberg product. You bought a Focusrite product that came with some free Steinberg software. Have you tried Focusrite Support? The response you received does not surprise me at all. It is common for free OEM software to not qualify for support. It seems to me that you should be using Focusrite drivers (not ASIO4ALL). Have you tried these?

Actually, I very much did buy a Steinberg product, and loaded it onto my computer. Semantics really shouldn’t come into play when it comes to responsibility for the products a manufacturer produces and ships into the consumer market place.

When I open the Steinberg software, the required options referenced in the directions are nowhere to be found. Even after downloading a variety of software, keys, and drivers. I was very disappointed the product didn’t come with inexpensive but convenient installation CDs like most products do.

I tried to get support via email, and it was Steinberg that provided me with links to the AISO4ALL driver website. (Obviously this didn’t work.) I just don’t understand the complete and utter reluctance to assist a customer in need of help getting their product to work. Can’t call the company; can’t get fix via email, and Steinberg doesn’t support any Cubase 7 LE products – even though they produced it! I would get fired if I took this same, “ain’t my problem” approach at my job.

I don’t have a hardware problem with the Focusrite unit. The problem I have is with the Cubase 7 LE software “talking” to my computer.

Did you download and install the latest ASIO driver for your interface, as jaslan suggested?

Made sure said interface is connected before starting Cubase?

Selected proper ASIO driver for said interface within Cubase’s device setup?

Configured the corresponding inputs/outputs for said interface within Cubase’s VST Connections?

No. You bought a Focusrite product.

But, whatever … :smiley: