Can't get Cubase 6 to work with NI Audio Kontrol 1


I got a Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 interface for quite some time now. I used it in the past with Cockos Reaper as my DAW on my old notebook with Windows XP.

Now I got a new notebook with Windows 7 64bit and also wanted to switch to Cubase 6 64bit at the same time. However, I can’t seem to get the two to work together somehow… I can get the AK1 to work with anything else on that notebook (Reaper, Kontakt as a standalone sampler, Ableton Live demo version…), just not Cubase 6.

I’m a complete noob to Cubase, but wouldn’t have thought that setting up my interface would already be such a challenge! :wink: Anyone got some idea what might be the problem?

Screenshot Cubase 6.png