Can't get Cubase to recognise Factory Content

Hi guys,

Got myself Cubase 6 a couple of weeks ago. I installed it along with the Factory Content and HALionOne SoundBanks, but those were installed on another hard drive. Anyway, all was working well, but today I did an erase and install of OS X. I re-installed Cubase but skipped the Factory Content as it is still on the other hard drive. Now when I open, say HALion Sonic SE, there is absolutely no content available to load from the presets menu. When I go to the MediaBay, I try scanning the location where the Factory Content is but it shows nothing. It’s as if Cubase doesn’t recognise the files.

Anyone know how to fix this problem?

Anyone? Surely there’s a way to tell Cubase that the VST Sound and HALionOne SoundBanks content is already installed. I’ve defragmented my hard drive and everything. I really don’t want to re-install the content and mess it all up.

Make sure Mediabay is set to scan the desired folder. See if right-ckicking the GUI brings up the Locate Contents dialog.

Had this same problem - I have posted elsewhere here asking where Cubase records location of factory content for HalionSE and others . . .

No one seems to know - including moderators as they have not responded either . . .

Mediabay will not “send” the content to Halion.
It can see it - but content does not appear as a HalionSE selection.

Love to figure this out.

You CAN solve it by re-installing ALL your content. This, apparently, writes the location to some file somewhere that HalionSE reads . . .
Just make sure you put it in EXACTLY the same place - or you will end up with 2 copies of the content.
That was my version of the problem . . 2 swappable boot drives - 1 W7 and 1 Vista. The “pointers” on each of the HalionSE installs pointed to locations 1 folder off from each other on my “sounds” hard drive - my mistake. But now I’m stuck with 2 copies of content until I get this worked out . . .



I ended up re-installing the content. So all is working again but it would still be nice to know if I ever do a similar thing in the future. It really is stupid to have to install something that’s already there, especially when it takes ages to install. Thanks for your replies.

Don’t know if the same applies to mac, but on windows you need to know the default installation location and copy the folder structure back there, then make identically named shortcuts to the .vstsound files. Hard to know where that is if you install to a custom directory directly. Your method of reinstalling on top is probably the easiest.


That’s not a bad idea. On the Mac you can create what is called a Symbolic Link. However I still believe it should have recognised the content after scanning in MediaBay. Very weird that it doesn’t. It should be as easy as that. Take NI Battery and Kontakt for example. It’s just a matter of opening the preferences and locating the library if need be. Anyway good idea and thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

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