Can't get Cubase to record anything

Hi, this should be as simple as pie, but yet it’s not. I have a Steinberg UR 22, which comes with Cubase Elements 8. I have made sure it’s turned on and connected, as well as set up the Device Manager and VST Connections. I’m following this video :

and I’ve even seen an audio technician about it.

I can’t record a single thing.

I arm the track with the record button, then I press the recording button, then I sing into the mic. Nothing.

I’m at my wits end here. Short of going back to the agent I have no idea what to do. Please assist. It’s probably something really simple that I have overlooked.


Send a screenshot of VST Connections > Inputs and selected track (with the Track Name tab open), while recording, please.

Please list some more detail about your computer and hardware (mic) specs.

Now… a couple of thoughts…

  • Is the gain knob on the audio interface turned up enough?
  • Does your mic require fantom power and, if so, is it turned on? Please make sure your mic needs phantom power before turning it on because you can damage a mic if the Phantom power is applied to a mic that does not require it.
  • You are recording from a mono vst bus set as the input to a CB “audio track” (can be mono or stereo). The audio track output is set to your stereo out bus.
  • The audio track is not mistakenly muted.
  • Try a different input on the audio interface. Don’t forget to change the audio track input bus.
  • Is the mic and it’s cable in serviceable condition (meaning, are they broken)?

Please report back. Thanks

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Running Windows 10 on a decent laptop. Mic a dynamic mic. Not sure what other details you need?

Have attached the requested image.

Really not sure what is the problem here. The guy in the store got in running in like, five seconds…maybe I should just go back.


Both Mono In 1 and Mono In 2 are using the same Audio Port: Input 1. If your mic is connected to the 2nd Input, you have to set it in the VST Connectns > Inputs.

Select the 2nd track (Vocal), and open the 1st tab in the Inspector (with the Vocal name), please. Send a new screenshot with this settings, please.

If you want to monitor the signal (hear while recording), enable the Monitor button (speaker, which becomes orange) on the track. After the recording, make sure, the Monitor is disabled again.

Mic is connected to the Audio Port. Not sure what you mean by the Inspector, sorry.


Which Audio Port? Do you mean Audio Device? Is it connected to Input 1 or Input 2?

By Inspector, I mean the most left panel in Cubase.

Hello friends i have a very easy question to make .
should i record vocals in stereo or mono track ? i am recording in my bedroom which is not sound proved .
would anyone like to help me out ?

Off topic but since you asked…

You can record your mono audio source to either a mono or stereo audio track. If recorded to a stereo audio track it still records as a mono file. One benefit of recording to a stereo track is that stereo vst effects will work and sound better than when assigning a stereo vst effect to a mono track (you only hear 1/2 the effect in some cases).

Try it both ways and see for yourself. I always record my mono audio inputs to a stereo audio track.

Now back to the OPs topic… :slight_smile:

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Sorry about the late reply was busy with life.

I get some movement in the bars now, but still no sound playback. The road is long…
cubase pic 2.png

Track #2 is an audio track. Apparently you are recording vocals or something else like a guitar through one of the inputs on the front of your audio interface.

Some thoughts:

  • When recording, make sure you have the “Record Enable” button activated (which you do in the pic) and the “Monitor” button just to the right of the record enable button to hear what you are recording. During playback you must disable both of these functions to hear your recording.

  • Make sure you have turned up the gain (volume) knob on your audio interface to make the recording at level high enough.

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Yes, I am recording vocals with a dynamic mic which is plugged into the first slot.

I have enabled both while recording, and disabled both to hear the playback. Also have made sure the gain is at a reasonable level. Still can’t record or hear anything.


I can see the signal on the track. So the signal is recorded, but very low. I would also recommend you to increase the Gain on your Audio Device.

Can you hear other signal, comming from Cubase? Like an audio loop you Insert to the project from the MediaBay?

Have increased the gain, no change.

Have also tried to insert audio from Mediabay, but I highlight tracks and press Add but nothing happened. Have also Googled and YTed but I can’t seem to understand how to work all this.

Sorry to ask so many questions. I’m sort of getting kind of frustrated on my end…all I wanted to do when I bought this DAW was to record my own voice, but 10 hours in and it seems I can’t even do that. Everyone keeps on telling me to use YT and Google it and it’ll be so easy but I’ve tried many tutorials and videos with no progress.


When you increased the Gain, was the signal (opticaly) different?

To import a loop from the MediaBay, just drag-and-drop it to the project view (under the timeline, to any track or to the empty space). First, I would like to know, if you can hear any signal.

Signal was optically different, yes.

Cannot seem to drag and drop anything, all I get is a floating stop sign.

OK, then it seems, you can Record the signal, but you cannot hear the output.

Can you import any audio file (File > Import > Audio file)? Can you hear it? What is your Devices > VST Connections > Outputs settings? Is your Stereo Out routed to the wanted outputs?

The Youtube videos are crap, because they are made by folk who know this stuff inside out, I have paused the vid & see different screens than they show on the vid, no real explanation on the steps, just bang, bang, bang & there you go. Whooooaaaaaa… slow down show the steps & the different options, different outputs that you may get etc.

I can import a file just fine but cannot hear anything. I believe you are right - I can record but cannot hear the playback. Have attached a screenshot as reference.

@woolybully - EXACTLY. I just want to say how much I agree with you here. I have watched like 10 YT vids and paused them and gone slow and everything and…I can’t follow what they are saying! The screens are all different! Thanks for understanding.

Sorry, just wanted to get that off my chest. :slight_smile:
cubase 3.png


Make sure, the Mix controller is set to most right (clock-wise) on your UR22, please.

Do you try to hear the signal via a speakers or headphones?

When you import (or record) any file, and play it back, can you see the meters on the Transport panel (right side)? Can you see the meters in the Mix Console kN the Stereo Out channel?