Cant get DMX lights to work?

Hi Everyone, I’ve recently purchased VSTLP and am struggling to work out the DMX. I have ENTTEC USB pro and have been using EMU’s (demo version) system for controlling my lighting which works well from sound to light. Still, I want to be able to program my lighting to individual songs through one system as opposed to multiple different ones which is why I went for the VSTLP.

I have read the manual and it doesn’t give clear instructions on how to connect and configure your lighting directly through VSTLP.

Does VSTLP control DMX lighting directly or do you have to use a third-party app? Is it just glitching? Or potentially me being stupid as I’m not a tech wiz?

Is there a more detailed instruction manual or can someone help explain how?

Many thanks

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please have a look here. In this article the “DMX Visualizer Out” is used as an DMX Track output. You would select your ENTEC USB Pro device.

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