Can't get drumset to play

Hello! I’ve been trying the tricks from other drum related threads but I can’t get the drum part to play. Just figuring out Dorico drum notation. It’s mapped to general midi… not sure what else to do. If anyone has suggestions I’d be grateful.
L03_FillinDrums_test.dorico (844.0 KB)

Was the music entered manually into Dorico or imported as XML or MIDI?

Imported as XML.

There’s no drumset loaded as a playback sound in your file. Go to Play/Playback Template and reload the HSSE template for whichever version of Dorico you own. It should playback correctly after that.

Tried reloading a few options, remapped the instruments, but no dice.

You don’t have any playback sound loaded for the drums, so of course it can’t play.

Once I go to Play/Playback Templates and select “HSSE+HSO (Pro)” then that correctly loads the sounds in your file and it plays fine.

Shouldn’t it work with general midi? I don’t know what to choose in the Halion list because there isn’t a “drum kit” option.

Sure, but you need to load the sound. After applying the Playback Template here’s what is loaded:

You can do that manually if you want, but the Playback Template will automatically do it correctly. You had a separate instance of HALion assigned to the Drums with no sounds. After applying the Playback Template Dorico loads the GM Drum sounds into channel 3 of the same instance of HALion as the other sounds. If you do that manually, just make sure the channels match.

Aha. Great. Thank you! The screenshots were helpful!

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