Can't get Game Audio Connect to work


In this video form the Steinberg YouTube channel, they make it sound so easy to export things from Nuendo and get Wwise to “pick up” the sounds and automatically launch the Wwise import window. According to the video, as long as the folder you export to is the same as the one set in the Nuendo Connection Settings window in Wwise, it should work. But it doesn’t. Nuendo exports the files (it’s a set of 30 cycle markers) to the correct folder but Wwise, even though it’s running at the time, doesn’t react whatsoever (the import window doesn’t open, nothing).

I’m running Nuendo 8 and Wwise on the same computer, so this is not a network setup. My Game Audio Connect window in Nuendo indicates that it is indeed aware of and connected to Wwise on my computer (the window says “Wwise”)

At first I set the export folder to be my Wwise/Originals/SFX folder becuase that’s where all the sounds are going anyway. It didn’t work. So I thought maybe the GAC functionality requires Nuendo’s export folder to be a separate folder just for the exchange of files (even though the aforementioned video doesn’t say anything about that) so I changed the folder to one outside of my Wwise folder - but that didn’t help.

I pressed F1 in Nuendo which took me to this help text on Steinberg’s website but it doesn’t give any useful information at all as to what is actually required for GAC to work:

I’ve also searched “wwise” on this forum and it didn’t come up with many useful links except for this thread which didn’t give me any useful information at all:

This page on Audiokinetic’s website (the developers of Wwise) doesn’t help either:

Please advice.


@SimonViklund I’m experiencing this issue now. Did you resolve? Hopefully as it was 3+ years ago…

Sadly I gave up on Nuendo as the software didn’t work as advertised and there was no help to be found on this - their official forum.

I consider Nuendo $1900 down the drain. Imagine me, if you will, making a “thumbs down” sign with my hand and a loud farting noise with my mouth.

I’ve been using Reaper ever since and I’ve never looked back.

Maybe with some more information we might be able to help you get this running on your setup.
Do you use macOS or Windows? Is Wwise running on the same computer as Nuendo?
What versions do you use for Nuendo and Wwise?

Thanks for the response, Robert. As I wrote in the original message, Nuendo and Wwise are running on the same computer. I’m running Windows.

However, since I wrote the original message back in 2017, I have moved to a new workstation on which I haven’t bothered to install Nuendo - so Nuendo is no longer part of my workflow and I don’t intend to make it part of my workflow; I’m now relying on Reaper.

Thank you for offering to help, but I’m afraid it’s too late.