Can't get Halion 6 to work with Windows 10

I have a new PC running Windows 10, and I cannot get Halion 6 to work reliably (standalone or VST in Cubase Pro 9), there seems to be an issue with the mediabay/browser, as it only BSOD crashes when accessing the mediabay/browser, (could it be a Halion Library manager issue ?),

The question here, is are users here getting Halion 6.0.1 to work all OK with Windows 10 ? I’m using a Steinberg UR824, and at the moment don’t have a MIDI device installed,

Cubase works perfect, as does The Grand 3 - but Halion 6 will not work properly,

Does anyone have any ideas ?

thanks - Andy

In the last half year Windows 10 got updates that Protect More and More Locations on your computer.
These to me where really bad updates, because like Outlook i had placed my emails PST file in one of those protected dirs (where Microsoft placed them by installation). The wierd thing was their own product Outlook 2013, did not even work anymore. I could not even get emails.

Why i say this ? Well cubase and halion tend with medaibay and scanning of files to reach protected dirs. What before where none protected dirs, suddenly by updates microsoft changes the status of a dir into archive or protected. (system).
That can a big problem for programs you are used to install, but now suddenly you can / but with errors.

Also Mircrosoft tries each time to make Windows 10 more secure (alltough temselves are like NSA spy on you anyway), this can be blocking or intruding with install.

I use Windows Repair from not at version 4, and helped me many times to Fix Windows 10 issues i had afther installing updates from Microsoft (like the message window not working completely, and also one time i could not even start any program), it fixed must bugs and sets a good Windows and repairs it where needed.

Also i use Norton Uttilities and Norton as a Virus Scanner.

Have fun


OK, problem solved, it was the Motherboard (Gigabyte Aorus) not totally happy with the CPU (i7820X),

it seems Gigabytes auto settings in the bios cause Halion to crash, removing all auto settings and carefully manually setting them resolves it.

There must have been some timing issues, which for some reason was just catching Halion out

Glad that you solved this. I read this a work and wanted to tell you that I had no issues with Halion 6, in fact, that the entire Absolute 3 collection was running very well…but by the time I got home, your problem was solved.