Can't get halion symphonic orchestra

They sell us a program and we can’t use it I got the halion symphony orchestra and I can’t get the instruments Two days I try and nothing It’s unbelievable that they can’t automatically put the instruments in the Cubase They have broken our nerves

Are you saying you can’t download from the Steinberg Download Assistant, or … ?

Please explain more clearly.

I downloaded for assistant but I can’t to get in the tracks

Johnny, you will find the orchestra inside Halion Sonic.

Load up a Halion Sonic, then from the photo tiles on the right, search for Halion Symphonic Orchestra. Or you can search for the sounds directly, e.g. Flute Combi, Oboe Combi, etc…

I done that but they are not going to the track It needs something more Can you help me

Yes. Let’s take it to private messages.