Can't get iC Pro to work, please help! (Windows/Android)


I can’t get the trial version of Cubase iC Pro for Android to work.
If this program really delivers then I intend to buy a license shortly.

I have downloadet BonJour and even updated it to the latest one.

I have installed the newest eLicenser Control Panel and activated the trial version with the code I got per mail.

And I have installetd the 64 bit version of SKI_Remote-something.exe

My Cubase version is Cubase Studio 5.5.3, and I have checked, and it IS supported. I have tried 3 difference Android devices with the excact same results; an Asus HF101 Eee Pad (tablet), a Samsung Galaxy S3 (phone), Samsung Galaxy S4 (phone).

When I start iC Pro up on my Android device (I have tried 3 different ones now), it DOES detect the computer running Cubase, and it seems to be doing something, but then I just get am almost blank screen where the tempo i always 1.0 bpm no matter what the real tempo is in Cubase.

The only communication I can detect is when I click on the record and play button in Cubase they light up in iC Pro as well, but NO OTHER stuff is happening, not even can I switch play and record on from the Android device, nothing.

The PC running Cubase does not have WIFI but is connected with a cable to the same router as the tablet/phones. Cubase finds til Android device and the iC Android App does find the computing running Cubase, but nothing happens.

I need help

Hi Phazer 1980

thank you for bringing this to our attention. Since your devices find each other please determine your network performance.

In most cases it is no problem to run IC Pro in a network with a router or switch. But the only way to be sure this is not causing the issue is setup of an AdHoc Network (direct between your computer and tablet/phone)

The following article holds further general troubleshooting information:

All the best,


Thanks for your reply.

I HAVE tried to install Cubase on my laptop that has wifi and created an ad hoc network using your tutorial. But when I try to connect to the ad hoc network from the tablet it always freezes at “obtaining IP adress”, so I am never able to establish an ad hoc connection.

Can you help me resolve this?

I will definitely buy the product if I can it to work.

Hi Phazer1980,

what you need is network troubleshooting in that case.
The following link might help:

As posted elsewhere in this forum, we do not troubleshoot networks.

Thanks for your understanding.

can’t connect the mobile device (sony xperia or pipo tablet) with cubase 7.5
I’ve installed ski on computer (with apple bonjour and deactiveted firewalls) and
cubase ic on mobile device (with apple bonjour and deactiveted firewalls).
Cubase ic on both mobile devices see mine computer(there is it’s name on select window), but when I’m triying to connect them it apears next:
“there is no host assigned to this IP adress. Make sure your e-licenser is activated.”
I made all actions I found on e-licenser, including online sync and maintenance and validation of license period.
Need help)

anybody? ideas?

Hi theodorozzz,

First of all sorry for the late reply, but since this was an existing topic I did not see this.
To start the troubleshooting, please update Cubqase 7.5 and the eLicenser Control Center to the latest version and reinstall the SKI remote.

Here are the links to the files in case you do not have them already:

Hope this helps.

unfortunately, nothing changed((( the same message: “there is no host assigned to this IP adress. Make sure your e-licenser is activated.”

(after reinstalling all of metioned files I made maintenance tasks - seems all to be ok with elicenser)

i have the same message(there is no host assigned to this IP address. Make sure your e-licenser is activated) with my IC Pro demo on my android phone(sony xperia Z2 kitkat 4.4)
i have a wireless network and my ipad4 with ic Pro works and connect just fine, what license is missing or should be activated ?!
i would buy the app for my android phone but its not working !

Edit: Ok i see now that i have to purchase the “Cubase iC Pro Remote Extension” for android to be able to connect, i thought the ic pro for android was 30 days demo.
anyway i see i should buy from steinberg site and not from google play, so if i have already the Ipad version purchased im eligible for free download for android ?

follow the introctio,tried again and again, it’s really hard.

HTC one mini 2 case
Nokia X case

i had that problem until i realized this !!
u need to install the extension for android on your computer if u did not yet…
its here…
(download for PC or MAC)