Can't Get Input Into Nuendo 10


I am probably missing something super simple here, but I can’t get audio signal to show on record enabled tracks. The weird part is that I’ve cross graded from Cubase 10 where I had no issue getting signal into the channels.

Any ideas? I initially thought that maybe have been a limitation of the demo but I’ve crossed grade from Cubase 10 now.


Probably the input channel in the mixer is muted. Or no input assigned in audio connections.

Please check your audio connection window if there is something wrong there.

Thanks guys. I have been using Cubase for almost a year and am very familiar with the audio connections page. From what I can tell I have it set the same. I’ve tried different interfaces and still no luck.

A bit of a trap using Nuendo as I found out is a setting in preferences Metering. There is a check box that says Map input bus metering to audio track in direct monitoring. If you wish to see level displayed here you must tick the checkbox. It took me a while to find it but I had the same issue. I could get signal to the track but couldnt monitor it.