Can't get into the Steinberg site. SOLVED

I just recently had my desktop reinstalled with a new Windows XP Operating System. Re-downloaded my Cubase LE4. Now, I can’t register my software because my browser won’t let me into the Steinberg site for some reason. I can go to Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Google, but not I get the message, “Internet Explorer cannot open this site” then, a page that says, “The page cannot be displayed”…Why is Steinberg the only site my browser/internet cannot access? I need to register the software and activate it on my desktop, but I need to be able to access the site to do so. Any suggestions?

Strange, the page works fine in all the browsers I’ve tried, which version of internet explorer are you using?

The site was closed down for a while recently

Using version 6.02900.5512 SP3

Okay. I downloaded Chrome and got to the site. Got my activation code, entered it into the eLicense (synchrosoft) activation fields clicked “next” and NOW it is telling me there is no internet connection. I have checked and I do have internet connection. UGH! I don’t understand what to do now.

I had to download the newest eLicenser. That was the whole problem. Thanks for the replies anyway.