Can't get MIDI controller to work with artists 7

Hi there, I recently bought Cubase artists 7, I also have a new MIDI/USB keyboard (Alesis Q49), and I can’t seem to get any sound from it, I have attempted to change the input/output but have had no luck. I am using headphones, I have also tried selecting a VST instrument tone and such, can anyone help? Would be much appreciated!

You did not mention which OS you are using. Perhaps unimportant since it uses class compliant drivers.

In Cubase did you go to Devices > Device Setup… > MIDI Port Setup and verify that the Alesis USB midi driver is visible (has blue x) and active?

On your MIDI track or Instrument Track (which did you create?) did you select the Alesis or All MIDI Inputs as the Input? Did you route the Output of your MIDI track to a VST Instrument?