Can't get midi into Cubase 10

I have a Yamaha CP300 connected to a Midi Sport 2X2 interface (in and out), and then into my Mac running Cubase 10… When I use the test mode of the Midi Set=Up utility, I hear sound from the CP300. When I play the CP300, however,I don’t see any sign of midi messages going into Cubase from the CP300. Do I need a Yamaha midi driver, or is something not connected properly?? How do I trouble shoot this?


As far as I understand your connection, you connected 5-DIN MIDI from Yamaha to the MIDI Sport. In this case, the MIDI Sport is the input from Cubase one of view. You don’t need Yamaha driver.

Martin, thank you for kindly replying to my inquiry! Let me be a little clearer about my midi connections. I have a Midi Sport 2 X 2 midi interface connected by USB to the computer. I have
the CP300 in and out midi ports connected to the Midi Sport port B in and outs. I am seeing and hearing midi data getting into the CP300, but I do not see any evidence of midi data getting into Cubase when I play the CP300… You’re right, if I’m able to get midi into the CP300, than Cubase is recognizing and communicating with it and doesn’t need a driver. Let me do some further investigating. Thank you for the help!


Double check the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter, please. Make sure the data are not filtered out, please.