Can't get Mixminus on UR22C

Hello! I’m quite a novice so please forgive me if I don’t include all the relevant info.

I’m trying to record remotely, and the person connected on ipDTL is getting an echo back. They say it’s on my end, so I wondered if it was the interface set up? I have a Steinberg UR22C. I’ve my Mac connected via USB, and a RODE mic connected via Input 1, and phones into the relevant place also at the front.

I tried fully turning down my headphones and the other party was still hearing an echo.

Can anyone suggest what I might try to solve the issue? Any help hugely appreciated. Thank you!

Is the loopback turned on?

Hi Misohoza - thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate you taking the time!

Can I ask what software this is ? I’ve had so many problems trying to download Cubase, I just gave up :melting_face: And just plugged and played til now. I’m trying to download a trial of Cubase pro now.

Hopefully that could lend some insight!

That is dspmix app that comes with the interface. You should download and install the tools and the driver.