Can't get my head around Cubase automation...

Hi All,

I’m really struggling to understand how to work effectively with Cubase 7.5’s automation features and was hoping someone could be so kind as to clear up a few things for me.

  1. Is it possible to capture automation state from the mixer whilst the transport is stopped? For example, if I have recorded automation for a track, return to the beginning of the project and want to adjust the starting volume for the track, is there a way to do this from the mixer without using the (fiddly) automation lanes in the arranger view? If I press play, then I can move the fader down, but it doesn’t adjust the volume at the absolute beginning of the track.

  2. When moving a point on an automation track in the arranger, is it possible to move the subsequent point simultaneously to adjust the levels whilst maintaining the shape of the curve? For example, if I have a fade-in automation curve, and I want to adjust the level, if I move the first point then you end up with a fade-in followed by an immediate fade-out and it’s necessary to adjust the second point to be at the same level as the first. This can involve lots of panning and zooming to get right.

  3. If you’ve programmed lots of automation for volume, what’s the workflow for adjust relative levels without of tracks without destroying the shape of the automation? Is this related to the Trim option in the Automation Options?

  4. Moving, adding and deleting automation points seems very fiddly, and I never quite end up with what I want. Selecting a point to move or delete seems to require surgeon-like precision. If I had surgeon-like motor skills, I would probably be in a different profession. Often when adding a point, it creates momentary “dip” in the existing curve, rather than altering the shape of the curve as intended. Any general tips or recommended reading for working with drawing automation curves?

  5. On a real mixer, it’s easy to move multiple faders simultaneously to adjust the relative levels of tracks. I’m aware of grouped tracks and QLink. What are people’s preferred workflows for doing this with a mouse? If you take multiple passes at it, moving one fader at a time, it’s hard to get the moves to align in the time domain.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer on any of the above points!


  1. First of all, I would recommend you to don’t start the record at the very beginning of the project ( Just Shift it 2 around 2 Bars right. Regarding to your question, I would try to Return to Zero. Set the fader to the Value, keep my finger on the fader (to be in Touch mode) and hit Play. This could work.

  2. Yes, select multiple automation nodes and use Info line or the in-line editor to edit this selected range at once.

  3. Same as 2.

  4. Zoom In.

  5. By mouse, do it track by track. If you will do it with Q-Link, it will sound as the exactly same curve, which is not natural. Or use Groupe Channel and automate this Channel. Or, since Cubase 8, use VCA Channel.