Can't Get Project Tempo To Match Imported Audio Files

I’ve been searching the forums and can’t find what I’m looking for so let me describe the situation and I’m certain some of you veterans can help me out here since I’m pretty well brand new to this.

We recorded a session at our church on a Presonus RM32AI into their Capture software and didn’t have any trouble with importing the audio file into Cubase. However I can’t get the tempo of the Cubase project to sync with the tempo of the imported audio files (130bpm). I’ve tried bouncing the tracks as some have suggested in other threads with similar issues, and also starting a new project and setting the tempo at 130bpm before importing and neither works… perhaps I’m doing it wrong, but I can’t figure it out. any help would be greatly appreciated.

If the audio was recorded accurately at 130 bpm. You also have to type 130 bpm in the project audio pool and check the box next to the tempo. Cubase will guess but will not always be accurate.

This is not necessary. If the audio was recorded at 130 bpm, it will fit automatically.If it doesn´t fit, the files are at a different tempo, which must then be defined.

Make sure you have Preferences/Editing “Default Track Time Type” set to Time Linear before importing.

If it is a live recording you are trying to match a static tempo, then I can understand that is not working.
You would have to do a tempo detection (creating a tempo track) on the live material and set the definition 4/4 or what ever to the first down beat. Then you can have the static (130 bpm) follow the live tempo, if the material is set to musical in the pool and have the right tempo (130bpm) as well (in the pool)
Where are several videos on the matter, Greg Ondo did some more in depth explaining on club Cubase (YouTube)