Can't Get Rid of "DAW" Signal on Input 1 & 2

On inputs 1 & 2 there is a heavily delayed dry signal, panned L on 1 and R on 2. In the UR44 dspMix FX app, the signal can be turned on/off on the “DAW” channel. Even when I can hear the no-latency signal on direct monitoring, the delayed signal is still there unless I mute the DAW channel. What the hell is this, and how do I get rid of it in Cubase?

Am I doing something stupid, or is something wrong my unit? Thank you in advance.

Windows 10, C9

Do you have the Loopback turned on?

No, Loopback is off. The weird thing is that it is only on the first two mic/line inputs.

I was looking for a way to reset the unit, but couldn’t find one. You never know what could work…

Do you have a reverb or delay turned on within the dspMix FX “app”?

I don’t know how much overlap there is between the UR28M I use and your UR44, but I would open up the “show racks” dialog in Cubase, click on the “Hardware” button there … open up the “Effects Insertion Location” button, and put it to the top position, “Upper position” to see if the delay turns off.

Or simpler, turn off any Delay/Verb turned on in the dspMix FX app.

Sorry if that doesn’t translate well to the UR44.

Thanks for the suggestion, but that doesn’t help. Nothing seems to turn off the delayed dry signal.

I guess maybe I’d start with an empty Cubase project (newly created, not one you’ve ever used before) and see if you have the same problem, maybe a rogue plug-in setting?

(Making sure the UR on board reverb and comp are set to off).