Can't get rid of Halion 6 "expired licence" dialog on startup

Hi, I work with Cubase 8 Pro on Windows 7 and yesterday in the opening screen there was a message on an update to Halion 6.1.10. I have the Halion SE version that came with the software but didn’t notice it’s a different version so I installed the update. Since then I get this annoying message with a list of stuff that its license expired or are trial version. I get this message twice: when I open the software and when I open a project. I consulted the technical support and they recommended to uninstall the Halion 6. I did and it didn’t help. Then I did a system restore to a point before the installation and it still doesn’t help. I also deleted an reference I found in AppData xml files - still with no results. Does anyone have a solution for this annoying issue? Thanks!

Hi and welcome,

If you are not HALion 6 owner, make sure the HALion 6 sound library is uninstalled.