Can't Ge't Rid of the Echo in My Mic

Hey everyone! Thanks a lot for helping me, you’re really great.
I have a small problem with my mic. I plug my mic to my UR242 sound card and connect it to my computer. If I connect the mic without turning on Cubase there is no echo, but if I turn on a project on Cubase I always get an echo on my mic and I cant get rid of it. Can someone please tell me where could I turn that off?
Thank you.


Is the “echo” recorded? Or is it while Monitoring?

What project do you open in Cubase?

Use Direct Monitoring and don’t monitor the mic through Cubase. What you are hearing is the direct sound from the mic and the sound going through the Daw. Depending how you set the latency will determine how tight the vocal you hear back is. As projects usually are quite demanding it’s almost impossible to set a tight enough latency, hence Direct Monitoring.

Some interfaces now allow you to add reverbs etc inside of them (to the direct monitoring), if you require to hear this to perform better, mix down a rough track so the latency can be tightened up, with out running out of Audio buffer.

I recommend watching some youtube videos on it.

The echo is while Monitoring but even if I start recording it can still be heard. It is just a constant echo.
It doesn’t matter which project I open, even in empty projects I still here the echo.


Then I would expect it’s the Momitoring thing, exactly as mitchiemasha describbed.