Can't get "roll" to trigger on Timpani Exp Map + 2 sub questions

Hi Folks,

Please see link for project file and relevant exp map.

I am having a bear of a time getting rolls to trigger for my Timpani exp map. I have checked that unmeasured tremolos begin at 3 strokes (also tried 2). Within the expression map window, if I hit the test play button, I see that the correct keyswitch is triggered for the Roll playback technique, the issue is occurring between Dorico associating a tremolo mark with the roll playback technique. Unfortunately, since Timpani is tuned percussion, I don’t have the option of going to setup and manually assigning roll to 3 stroke trems like unpitched percussion.

My two sub-questions are:

  1. What is the alignment for timecode markers and bars? is it the left edge of the box against the bars? Does it move by 8th notes when you drag it to conform tempo to hit point?
  2. Is it possible to condense synth tracks like brass? I sometimes have a few DX7/Jupiter patches in my score and when I engrave I’d like to be able to condense those down to a single line that displays the patch name (which I enter in instrument name) when it changes.

Update: t’s the same issue across all instruments, including strings (sorry I’m just noticing some of this because I’ve transitioned to a new system). The tremolo will trigger in the exp map test but not in the score, I also see in the key editor that tremolo is the selected playing technique.

It seems doubtful but could this be an issue w/ M2 and Ventura? My new host computer is a new Mac Mini w/ M2 processor running Ventura 13.2.1.

Ok, sorry sorry everyone, I’m a dingus, I forgot that for pitched perc you have to select tremolo in the exp map, not roll.

That being said, Divisi playback is still being incredibly weird with regards to independent voice playback and MIDI channels. It’s almost as if wires are getting crossed. I can resolve it by resetting the voice MIDI channel assignments, but I’m unclear as to what actually breaks that connection.