Can't get signal from UR22C info Cubase AI, no sound from drum loops

I am a newbie having a brand-new UR22C / Cubase LE AI 10.5.20 / MacOS 11.1 Big Sur.
Using dspMixFx_UR-C I can connect my guitar and hear it through the headphones connected to the UR22C.
I also can configure the effects on the UR22C through the dspMixFx_UR-C. So USB and headphone works.

In Cubase AI i have set up the UR22C in studio setup

Studio Setup

  • In UR22C Input 2 -> UR22C Input 1 Visible Active
  • In UR22C Input 2 -> UR22C Input 2 Visible Inactive
  • Out UR22C Mix L -> UR22C Mix L Visible Active
  • Out UR22C Mix R -> UR22C Mix R Visible Active

Why is UR22C Input 2 Inactive and how can I change that?

Created a project "electric guitar clean + vocal!

Got a dialog “missing ports”, mapped Microphone (HD 1 Mono In 1 - Mono) to UR22C Input 1

Audio connection

  • Removed all buses

  • Added bus “Guitar”

    • Input
      • Left -> UR22C Input 1
      • Right -> UR22C Input 2
    • Stereo Out
      • Left -> UR22C Mix L
      • Right -> UR22C Mix R

In the inspector I added Guitar - Right and Stereo to the routing.

No signal from my guitar
When I try to record I get no signal whatsoever from my guitar into Cubase.

No output signal
When I add a drum loop track an try to replay it, I also get no sound.

No signal on volume display
Also the volume displays at the mixer do not show any signal. I am sure that I missed something very basic but I have no idea what.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure Cubase has enabled Mic in the System Preferences, please.
Open macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone. Enable Cubase here.

Thanks for the quick reply. I already had enabled the microphone for Cubase at installation time.
So I did all my unsuccessful attempts with the mic enabled.


This means, this bus is o t in use. Nothing to worry about.

Sorry “HD 1…” doesn’t really sound like Steinberg driver. Did you rename it?

Maybe screenshots would be helpful here.

Yes, I abbreviated it in my post. The original text was

Microphone (High Definition 1
      Stereo In 1 - Left
      Mono In 1 - Mono

which I mapped to UR22C Input 1


Microphone (High Definition 1
      Stereo In 1 - Left
      Mono In 1 - Mono

which I mapped to UR22C Input 2

I would prefer to add screenshots, the forum allows me to upload screenshots, it even displays them in the preview but it refuses to save them.

In the meantime I switched to built-in audio and all worked fine. Seems to be connected to the driver.


I’m sorry, I can’t imagine it from the text… But I expect, the Stereo In - Left is the very same bus as Mono In 1 - Mono, isn’t it?

I really do not know. Thats one of the parts that are confusing to me.

After many attempts I uninstalled the Yamaha Driver, rebooted, and – voilá – a partial solution: Cubase can now use the UR22C under certain circumstances.

I have opened two support requests at Steinberg, lets see, what they say.