Can't get Skype to hear 2 mics for a Podcast

Hi everyone,
I have an upcoming podcast that will require 2 mics AND a guest on Skype. Also, soundeffects from a virtual soundboard, because podcast.

We did a test run and the guest on Skype ONLY hears Mic 1. They cant hear Mic 2 OR the soundboard.

Good news is, I can record all of the audio, but I’d need my guest to be able to hear the audio clips AND the second Mic.

Do I need a third party program to allow this? Is Skype the issue?


Not much to go on there…what type of mics? connected how and recording/monitoring through what? Any connection to Cubase?

With that said the answer to most technical podcast questions is the same…Voicemeeter will probably do what you need. :mrgreen:

And which part does Cubase play in this setup?

i am recording live through cubase and my UR44. i guess i was wondering if there is some kind of mix minus trick in the cubase software. i’d hate to have e to buy a mixer to plug into the cubase… seems unnecessary… but maybe not?

Not sure how they would hear one mic but not the other if both mics are plugged into the same interface and routed basically the same. But in general I think you would need to use the UR loopback function to take the output back to Windows but not sure if this will work with skype

Alternatively, just use Voicemeeter. It’s free and there is plenty of info on setting up for this sort of thing.

… in fact it’s donationware, so please pay somethng, anything, to support the developers who produce these amazing software problem-solvers!

ah i should have mentioned I’m running on mac… Voicemeeter isn’t an option :frowning: