Can't get sound playback with Cubase AI 6

I recently bought a Steinberg UR22 interface which came with a download of AI 6, but when I hook up my guitar I can’t get any sound to come from the program. I set up the VST connections like the start-up guide said, and when I set up an audio track and start playing I can see the bars moving as I play, but hear no sound.

My speakers are hooked up to an M-audio USB interface, and the other USB port on my laptop is taken up by the UR22. I think the problem is when I’m in VST connections, the UR22 is the only thing that shows up under audio devices. I know the program recognizes the M-audio device though, because when I unplug the UR22 a pop-up shows that asks me to choose a different driver (the M-audio). Now the M-audio interface shows up under audio devices, but when I plug the UR22 back in, the UR22 is no longer an option to choose from.

So basically I think the program is only recognizing one of my devices at a time, and I need both to record and hear sound. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong here? :confused:

You can not use both devices at a time as long as they use different ASIO drivers, you might succeed with ASIO4all driver or creating an aggregated device. Depending on the platform you’ re on.

Gotcha. So how come I am unable to just get sound to play through my laptop speakers? Or do they also use a different ASIO driver than the UR22? (Sorry I’m new to all of this!)

Second point could be, though having chosen the correct driver, the outputs might not be configured correctly