Can't get sound to play through headphones

I have a Precision 7760 (laptop), Windows 10. When I generate sound anywhere else (e.g. Chrome) it plays through the headset that I have plugged in for that purpose. (Remove plug, sound goes to speakers). But in Cubase I can’t seem to get the sound to come through the headphones – it insists on speakers only regardless of whether I have the headset plugged in.

I’m using the Generic Low Latency IO driver – because the RealTek ASIO driver generates no sound in Cubase at all (speaker or headphones). I’ve gone into Cubase Studio | Studio Setup and I’m not seeing any options for headphones vs. speakers. I’ve also tried the Windows | Setup | Sounds | per application force output to headphones and no luck there either.

I’ve also looked in Cubase | Studio | Audio Connections and I’m not finding anything useful there either.

I have also tried ASIO4ALL. No luck.

I have also tried unplugging/plugging in the headphones. No luck.

Any suggestions?

Post here all the following screenshots:
Studio → Studio Setup → Audio System
Studio → Studio Setup → Audio System → Generic Low Latency ASIO driver
Studio → Studio Setup → Audio System → Generic Low Latency ASIO driver → Control Panel
Studio → Audio Connections → Output (TAB)

Cubase does not know whether you have a headset conncted or speakers. This setting is controlled through the Windows 10, respectively the device itself.
Press the Windows key and type in the search string “Realtek”, then open the Realtek Audio Console. Select to view the “Advanced Settings” (bottom left corner). Your settings should look something like this:

My UI is in German but it is only 3 parameters so you’ll manage.