Can't get Start Center or Set up to work

Hi all,

ok, no idea what happening here but i am trying to install Cubase 8 onto a Windows 7 64 bit machine and when i double click on Start centre i get a bunch of errors saying that the files in the Xtras folder are not compatible.

So i thought i’ll skip that and go into the Cubase for windows folder and try Set up. After asking me if i want to look for updates (I’m not connected to the net so i say no) the window starts to look like its going to appear then, disappears!! “Set up has stopped working”

So i can get it to install if i just double click on the Cubase8_64 bit icon BUT that means i don’t get a chance to install any of the stuff like Halion, groove agent, loop mash libraries etc.

Please help! is it because the zip downloaded and unzipped on a mac, which i then copied to my non internet studio PC?


Same thing happening here… Did you ever find a fix?

Try this guys:

Did all that…
I right click (run as admin), get all kinds of errors saying that certain xtras (mac) files are incompatible, and then when Start Center finally shows up, I click on install and then get more errors and it shuts down.
I was able to get C864 installed via the installer inside the Cubase 8 folder and its running, but now I’m missing all the extra stuff (padshop, etc) How do I get that installed?

As far as installation on a Mac - can’t help you there.
After downloading the Zip file, it needs to be unzipped into a folder, and then executed from there.
You also need to decide if you are updating (from a previously installed version) in which case you can download the smaller update zip file, or if you are installing fresh which will require the larger 9+ GB file (otherwise you risk “missing the extra stuff” :wink: ).